If you are looking to rewire your home, add an extension or just need a light fitting installing. We always endeavour to carry out the work with as little disruption as possible, but with the knowledge that the work is been carried out by qualified tradesman.

All relevant certification will be issued on completion of works.

Where domestic work is notifiable to the local authority in compliance with Part P of the building regulations. This is all done for you by ourselves free of charge

You can contact us to arrange a suitable time at your conveyance for a free estimates & advice on your requirements

NICEIC Insurance Backed Warranty- for Building control notification only

The NICEIC Insurance Backed Warranty covers work done by resisted contractors with the NICEIC part P Scheme that 6 yearsis notifiable to building control. Should any work be found not to comply with building regulations and the contractor is no longer in business the NICEIC will have the work rectified by another NICEIC contractor at no extra cost to the customer.

Not all work is notifiable and if it is not notifiable it is not coverd by the warranty

Extract taken form Part P of the Building Regulations

Replacing accessories such as socket-outlets, control switches and ceiling roses

Replacing the cable for a single circuit only, where damaged, for example, by fire, rodent or impact (1)

Re-fixing or replacing the enclosures of existing installation components (2)

Providing mechanical protection to existing fixed installations (3)

Installing or upgrading main or supplementary equipotential bonding (4)

Work that is not in a kitchen or special location and does not involve a special installation (5) and consists of:
– adding lighting points (light fittings and switches) to an existing circuit (6)
– adding socket-outlets and fused spurs to an existing ring or radial circuit (6)

(1) On condition that the replacement cable has the same current-carrying capacity, follows the same route and does not serve more than one sub-circuit through a distribution board;

(2) If the circuit’s protective measures are unaffected;

(3) If the circuit’s protective measures and current-carrying capacity of conductors are unaffected by increased thermal insulation;

(4) Such work shall comply with other applicable legislation, such as the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations;

(5) Special locations and installations are listed below;

(6) Only if the existing circuit protective device is suitable and provides protection for the modified circuit, and other relevant safety provisions are satisfactory.

Special locations and installations (5):

Locations containing a bath tub or shower basin

Swimming pools or paddling pools

Hot air saunas

Electric floor or ceiling heating systems

Garden lighting or power installations

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems

Small scale generators such as micro-CHP units

Extra-low voltage lighting installations, other than pre-assembled, CE-marked lighting sets

Please contact us to discuss any requirement you have.